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Source Evaluation

Who? (Authority)

Why are we trusting this person? What is their experience or credentials?

What? (Scope)

What is this thing we are using? What is the level of detail here? This is the Goldilocks category. Not too long, not too short, just right for the scope of the product.

When? (Currency)

When was it published? How fresh is it? Humanities journal articles have a freshness of about 15-20 years. Some articles are classics, very old but so influential and important they are still current.

Why? (Thesis)

What is this item's thesis, argument? What is the author trying to convince you to think or do?

How does it compare? (Triangulation)

How does this item's thesis to compare with the rest of what you found, what you know and what you think? Does it align? Or massively conflict? Beware the outliers! They can be correct - or dangerously misleading.