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Distance Learning Resources

Resources with Tips on Distance Learning with Zoom

Tips from Carolina Friends Staff

From John Utz:

  • If you take the free tutorials it will advise best practices like when you set up a meeting you can start it by making everyone be muted. 
  • Based on my experience, turn off chat or use it strategically. Tell students to use speaker view? (not really enforceable)
  • Your mic should be muted unless you’re actively talking.  The button is on the bottom left.
  • Whether you are hosting or just attending a Zoom meeting, you should turn off your laptop’s notifications so it doesn't ding. 
    • (On a Mac, you do this in Notification Center -- click the very most top-right lines, to the right of your name and magnifying glass.  Looks like this:



      When it opens, swipe down to see the “DO NOT DISTURB”  button. 

From Austin Campion, a way to move files of recorded Zooms to Google Drive: 

1. Open Google Drive.
2. Go to Shared Drives.
3. Click 'New;' select 'Folder.' This will create a new, shareable folder - this is where you can drop your big Zoom files after they render. You can name this folder whatever you want, we don't have a standard for this - mine is called 'Austin Campion Zoom meeting recordings.'
4. After a Zoom meeting, my computer automatically renders and saves the files in a consistent place. Your mileage may vary (I'm not using a Mac), but for me, they end up in Documents under Zoom. It's likely that, no matter what your file system, your computer will show you where they are while it's saving, so just make note of it whenever you can.
5. For me, after rendering, I end up with five files, capturing chat, audio, and video in various combinations. The folder they're all saved to is called (for example) "2020-03-19 13.57.24 austin campion's personal meeting room 7389449819." I would recommend renaming your newly-created folder to something more useful and then dropping it straight into the Google drive you created.
6. The naming scheme I'm using is 'my name' 'name of class and period' 'date.' As in: Austin Senior Legacy 4th March 19
7. Once you've dropped the file into the Google drive, you can delete the original copy from your computer.

Zoom Basics

Advanced Zoom Skills