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Resources for the 11th grade U.S. History fall project on primary documents.

What is a primary source?

What are primary sources?  They are often referred to as "first hand" accounts or "original" records. They are the evidence historians use to build interpretations of the past. Most primary sources are created at the time an historical event occurred, while others, such as autobiographies, are produced long after the events they describe. Among the many types of materials that may be primary sources are: letters, diaries, speeches, newspaper articles, autobiographies, oral histories, government and organizational records, statistical data, maps, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings, advertisements, and artifacts.                    --- UNC University Libraries


The selection of links here is a good place to start for Bryce's 11th grade History project.


Citation, Bibliography and Parenthetical References

Citing your sources during your project -- not just at the end -- is an essential habit. Fortunately, citation management tools like NoodleTools make it so easy! 

  • NoodleTools

Guidesheet to Parenthetical References

Primary Source Media (Non-Textual)