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US Senior Literature Seminar: Home

A guide for finding peer-reviewed articles in literature.

Getting Started Researching

Good Places to Start a Search:

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not all articles will be available 


How to Write a Research(able) Question


Starter Theme List for Monsters

Think over the themes you have discussed and noted in class. This is a sampling and not comprehensive.

  • alienation
  • addiction
  • refugee
  • othering
  • responsibility and consequences of human creation
  • role of woman
  • role of the hero
  • identity, as distinct and blended
  • death and its finality
  • social and political consequences of industrialization
  • ...a topic you can craft from textual references and scholarly evidence!

Mideast Mysticism

  • Marxism
  • Rabia al Basra/Rabea Basari and divine feminism
  • Jungian psychology
  • Hero's Journey from Josephy Campbell
  • historical relationship between Rumi and Shams
  • Shams' disruptive influence on Islam/Sufism
  • impact of economic situation on the spiritual journey