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4th Year Digital Storytelling Project: Home

Media Licensed for Use

Audio Licensed for Use

You must cite these works! Copyright and/or royalty free still gets attribution!

Use Noodletools. Remember to sign in on the right with your full school email and click "Sign in with Google."
Create a new project using MLA and Advanced.
Create a new citation with the type Website > Audio Clip (online); it is the second option in the green section.
Fill in as much as you can, including URL, Date Accessed, Title, Posted By or Composer, and Website.

Click "Export to GoogleDocs" and copy that bibliography into a "Scrolling Credits" Title Slide at the end of your movie.

Images Licensed for Reuse

Start with iMovie Project

1. Create a Project in iMovie
Title it Your name iMovie; for example Henry iMovie.

2. Create a folder in documents for your images, music and short movies.
Make sure that either 

     a) have the rights to use that media because you or your family created it, or...

     b) have the rights to use that media because it is "licensed for reuse" or "reuse with modification" (this is not the same as "royalty free"!), or...

     c) have the written permission of the creator to use that media. This can be in an email or in a paper letter but you must have it now (not "I'll email them when I get a chance").

3. In iMovie, use File > Import Media to import media to your project.

How do I Attribute?

1. GIVE CREDIT. Be sure to give credit in the video or app or game itself. Attribution is currency! For example, if you use cafe connection by morgantj, Attribute in the actual video or game or app: 

Music "cafe connection" by morgantj featuring Morusque
Available at
Under CC BY license

2. LINK BACK. Attribution requires you link back and helps the artist get credit. For example, in the YouTube description field or on the webpage where you embed your video or have folks download your app, the Attribution link should like this:

Music "cafe connection" by morgantj featuring Morusque
Available at
Under CC BY license

3. NAME THE LICENSE. Include the type of the CC license designed for the track, and link to it. The examples above do that on the last line. This explains to others how CC licenses work. 

It is simple to utilize the free music library at, so start digging! Just remember, Attribution -- giving credit -- is what makes it possible for these artists to give their music away. Yep, Attribution is the new currency. 


Thanks to ccMixter for these clear instructions!

What is Creative Commons?